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McShan Lumber Company has been operating since 1907 and takes pride in many long-term relationships with timberland owners. We specialize in growing, procuring and harvesting quality timber for our own use and for sale to others. If you have timber for sale, please call or e-mail us.

McShan Lumber has always focused on producing the highest quality and highest value products from the timber it harvests. As a result, we are able to provide landowners maximum value for their timber. Our sawmill needs large, high grade pine sawlogs to produce our signature products.

Our company land base and manufacturing operations have allowed us to become a major supplier for other wood products facilities in our procurement area. We are able to offer private landowners the best prices for their pine and hardwood pulpwood, hardwood logs and small diameter pine sawlogs due to the high volume that we sell each year. Our strength is our experience and market access to ensure maximum value for the landowner.

Our procurement area stretches from east central Mississippi to west central Alabama.

For landowners who want to harvest timber, McShan Lumber will oversee all aspects of the harvest to assure that it is done in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and according to all Best Management Practices. All logging contractors working with McShan Lumber have been professionally trained and understand environmental regulations, proper construction of logging roads and stream crossings, and proper harvesting techniques to minimize soil disturbance and protect water quality. At McShan Lumber Company, we realize our future depends on the future of the forest. We are committed to responsible forest management because it’s the right thing to do.

For wood dealers, McShan Lumber offers the area’s best gatewood prices for high quality pine sawlogs. We offer tract specific prices for exceptional quality timber sales. Please review our spec sheet for our log grade requirements.

If you are interested in selling your quality timber, please contact one of our buyers listed below:

Grover Allgood (205)609-4134 cell

Gee Allgood (205)399-2728 cell

(205) 375-6277 office